Marketing Talks from AR

This collection of videos from the Arkansas School of Massage in Fort Smith gives you a quick sampler of some of the marketing challenges that massage therapists face and why I decided to move on and Reboot™ my clients. You'll get a good overview of social media marketing and how this can help you stand out in your community in a big way.

Social media in particular is not heavily used by massage therapists and having highly visible personal brands allows us a distinct chance to connect with our core target market digitally. Always remember in your interactions to provide value. Value in blog posts, value in social media shares, value in information and value in session.

00:00 Thai massage or Thai yoga massage? Are there regulation differences?

3:00 Taxi vs. Uber, Commodity vs. brand

7:08 Thai massage has no distinct regulation. Thai massage is a commodity. Reboot™ is a brand.

8:10 What is traditional Thai massage?

16:40 I charge $240.00 a session. You're a scammer. :)

00:00 Don't fall into the modality trap. Don't be a jack of all trades and master of none.

7:50 Let's Reboot™ our practice.

8:25 Who shows up on the first page on google for massage searches? Massage Envy.

10:50 Do we focus on massage? Do we focus on Thai massage?

00:00 Best deep tissue in Fort Smith. Fijian massage in Fort Smith.

1:25 Thai massage is a more specific keyword for search engine optimization

2:20 Reboot™ has no limitations. It's a better brand.

7:28 The massage industry is going artisinal. We're entering the age of microbrews.

14:30 Massage is table cream glide and nudity.

16:18 Focus on a niche and niche service.

17:28 Unique bodywork experiences

00:00 Social media and video production

4:40 Do you want a billboard or facebook ad?

8:38 Millenials will Reboot™ our industry.

10:50 When you deal with businesses give them value.

14:20 We give away 50% of our pie working for others.

18:30 Build an email list.

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