Day 1 Back Pain Relief Micro Course Introduction and opening the upper back and neck

Welcome to our Back Pain Relief Micro Course!

We're always working to evolve and give people better massage education so they can work on people safely and effectively. This course is set up as a drip. Each day after signing up you'll receive email reminders about the new video lectures you'll receive as we walk you through helping people with common back pain complaints.

Always remember to go slow within the depth and pressure someone can receive without pain. Communicate as you go and enjoy.

After softening that junction between the upper back and neck we want to apply light compression to that area. Always communicate with the receiver and make sure the pressure is not painful. Painful means the receiver contracts to protect themselves or the sensation is too intense. Backing off on the pressure we can usually find just the right amount that feels engaged but not painful.

We're primarily hitting levator scapula and the trapezius two muscles that cross the upper back and neck junction.

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